Christmas Eve Homilies


Christmas Eve – Dec. 24, 2020  7:00 pm


You know, 2020 has been a year we’ll never forget – as hard as we might try! Have you ever longed for a New Year the way you long for 2021?

But before we turn the page, before we hang up our new calendars and hope for better days ahead, it’s so important and so helpful to celebrate Christmas. Christmas reminds us of where our Hope comes from. Hope was born in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

Christmas reminds us-a heavenly peace when life’s uncertain

Christmas reminds us of a Joy that’s been given to us in the grace and love of Christ.

Christmas reminds us of how blessed we are because of the Newborn King.



Brief Homily


Before we have our candle lighting ceremony I’d like us to think about how God works in the world – because I don’t think God’s methodology has changed since the story we just heard.


When God wanted to bless the world –

When God wanted to speak a word of love to the world –

When God wanted to give the world more light, more love, more hope – what did God do?

God showed up as a human being. That was God’s methodology.


Here’s a silly thought –

If God had come as a Butterfly, we’d go to that Butterfly Place and buy up all the butterflies we could and then turn ‘em loose on the world.

If God came as a Parrot we’d go on Amazon and buy all the parrots we could. Then we’d teach them to say, “God loves you,”  “God loves you,” “God loves you.”  Then we’d turn them loose on the world.

But God didn’t come as a butterfly or a parrot. God came as a human being. God’s love became incarnated – took on flesh & bones – in Jesus Christ.

Jesus embodied the love of God, and by his life and his actions he demonstrated the goodness, grace and love of God.


I don’t think God’s methods have changed!

God still wants that divine love to be incarnated.

God still wants that divine love to be embodied – in us!

God wants to turn us loose in the world to love as God loves!


When you receive the candle tonight – reflect on this thought:

God’s wants divine love to be incarnated in me.



Christmas Eve Benediction

Go forth into the world and take the Light of Christ with you!

Live in the Light!

Spread the Light!

Be a Light!

And may God – Creator, Son and Holy Spirit, bless you this night and forevermore. Amen.



Christmas Eve 2020 – 10:00 pm


Call to Worship

If there’s one thing I know about Central Congregational Church is it’s a high-commitment church. It’s made up of people who love God and who love serving God together and celebrating our faith together.

So, this night is very important and very special. And there you are at home, while our pews sit empty.

God is surely here in this place built and set aside to honor God But this Baby that we honor tonight had a nickname – Emmanuel – God with us.

So just as surely as Emmanuel is here in this place, Emmanuel is right where you are tonight!

So with heart, soul, mind and strength, let’s worship Emmanuel; let’s worship God!

Opening Carol is “O Come, All Ye Faithful”




Candlelighting Ceremony

Take a good look at your candle and it’s flame.

It’s alive, it’s genuine, it’s real.

May our faith be just as alive and genuine and real in the year to come.


My Pastor used to say on Christmas Eve, “Look how much better we all look in the candlelight.” I never knew whether to be offended or not, but I think he was actually making a greater point.

We do look better and shine more brightly when we’re walking in the Light of Christ.

Our love is more beautiful when we’re walking in the Light of Christ!

Our lives are more beautiful when we’re walking in the Light of Christ!

So many great things come from walking in the Light of Christ – kindness, gentleness, humility, forgiveness, grace, courage, boldness and joy.

Let’s recommit ourselves this night to walking in the Light of Christ’s Love.

Closing Carol: “Joy to the World!”


Closing Benediction:

May you take that Light out into the world, with

  • the faith & wonder of Mary
  • the kindness of Joseph
  • the joy of the angels
  • the eagerness of the shepherds
  • the determination of the magi
  • and the peace of the Christ child.

And may God – Creator, Son and Holy Spirit, bless you this night and forevermore. Amen.



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