Calendar for September 2019 through June 2020  


September 8 Welcome Sunday
October 13 Unified Class – “Sunday Special”
October 27 Bible Sunday
November 24 Grade Four Communion Class – 11:30 a.m.
December 1 First Communion
December 1 Advent Festival following worship
December 8 Rehearsal after worship for Christmas Pageant
December 15 No Classes – Christmas Pageant during worship
December 22 Unified Class – “Sunday Special”
December 29 Unified Class – “Sunday Special”
January 19 Unified Class – “Sunday Special”
January 26 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon*
February 16 Unified Class – Sunday Special
April 5 Palm Sunday
April 12 No Classes – Easter and Egg Hunt*
April 19 Unified Class – Sunday Special
May 24 Unified Class – Sunday Special (Memorial Weekend)
June 7 Graduation Sunday
June 14 Youth Sunday & Sunday School Picnic
June 21 Sunday School in the Park


* These events are held after Sunday School and led by parents – subject to change.


Events in Our Sunday School

  • Bible Sunday – Children in grade three will be presented with an age appropriate Bible during worship on Oct. 27. The Beginner’s Bible storybook will be presented to each Preschooler (who did not receive one last year) in their preschool classroom after the worship service on the same day.
  • First Communion – Communion Class for children 4th grade or older will be held on Sun. Nov. 24, following worship. Children in the fourth grade will receive their first communion during the Communion Service on Sun. Dec. 1.
  • Christmas Pageant – The Christmas Pageant will take place during the service on Sun. Dec. 15. This is always a very special time for the children and adults of CCC.
  • Graduation Sunday – High school graduates will be honored with the support of the community during this service held on the first Sunday in June. All graduates of degree programs will also be recognized.
  • Youth Sunday – Youth Sunday will be June 14. The children and youth will lead worship and share what they have learned during the year