Stewardship is ---

what we do to manage something that has been placed under our responsibility. Stewardship includes the wise management of our treasure, time, and talents so that we can use these things in service of the Lord for the benefit of others.

Stewardship Campaign

Thank you for supporting Central Congregational Church and our Stewardship Campaign. Each year we ask the church membership to pledge their financial support for the upcoming fiscal year.

We thank everyone who has supported the church in the past and especially during this past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fulfillment of our pledges and unpledged support has allowed the church to remain strong and undertake the church's many missions during this challenging time.

Please fill out the form below to submit your pledge.

2024 -2025 Stewardship Campaign information:

The theme for this year's campaign is "Imagine Together"

Supporting Materials:

2024-2025 Campaign Letter (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (about Stewardship and fulfilling pledges)

Campaign Progress

As the campaign progresses in March of 2024 we will update this section with progress.

A few notes about pledging online using this form:

⋄ The information you provide goes directly to the church treasurer and does not get stored on the web site.
⋄ There is no automatic email reply sent when submitting this form. This is also for security reasons. Instead, the treasurer will reach out to you to confirm your pledge submission. That may take some time, however. Please do not expect an immediate response.
⋄ The Stewardship Committee will be sending the campaign letter and pledge card to everyone, even those who submit their pledge online. If you have pledged online you do not need to send back a pledge card.
⋄ You may wish to determine the amount of your previous year's pledge. You can get that information from the giving statements that the church sends every 6 months or you can contact our treasurer, Dick Papenfuss at

Stewardship Pledge Form

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