Frequently Asked Questions about Stewardship

Q: Why is it beneficial to pledge instead of giving unpledged donations?

A: When members pledge, they provide information to the church treasurer that is critical to planning the budget for the church’s next fiscal year. Every year the previous year’s activities and expenses are adjusted and projected for the upcoming year, and it is important for church members to pledge so that the proposed budget can be a realistic one. Unpledged gifts are also important to the church’s operations and missions, but we can not plan the budget based on unpledged income expectations.

Q: How much should I pledge? Is there an expected amount?

A: There is no expected amount and we recommend that you pledge what you are comfortable giving. For those who have not pledged in the past, consider giving an amount equaling a reasonable weekly donation, as if you were donating cash into the offering plate. For those who have pledged before, we hope you will consider increasing your pledge year-over-year. The church’s expenses grow over time and our missions also expand. If our members increase their pledges by even a small percentage every year, we can remain a healthy and vibrant congregation.

Q: How do I fulfill my pledge? Must I give every week or month?

A: The church functions most efficiently with a steady flow of giving / income, so dividing your pledged amount into equal amounts given throughout the year is a good way to help out. But if you need to pause your giving for any reason and then “make up” your pledge later in the year, that is fine too. Many members find that giving frequently helps keep them spiritually connected. Whenever you do make a pledged donation, you can give cash, write a check, or use your bank’s bill pay feature. If you write a check or use bill-pay, please be sure to make it payable to Central Congregational Church (or CCC) and indicate that it is a pledge.

Q: How does automatic withdrawals work? What are the benefits?

A: When you set up automatic withdrawals, your bank will automatically send the agreed upon amount to the church every month. This makes it easy and straightforward to fulfill your pledge without writing checks frequently. There is no charge for this service and you can set it up by contacting the treasurer. Another key benefit for the church is that it provides a dependable stream of income.

Q: May I change my pledge during the year?

A: Yes, you can contact the treasurer at any time and change your pledged amount. If circumstances allow you to increase your pledge during the the year, that is very much appreciated. You can also reduce or eliminate your pledge if needed.