Confirmation Sunday is May 5!

Event details

  • Sunday | May 5, 2019
  • 10:00 am
  • 978-256-5931

Our Confirmation program began in November. It’s included two classes a month with Pastor Rich, numerous service projects, interviews & church visits with mentors, the Lenten devotional guide and a final Confirmation Paper. We’ve acted out the entire Old Testament as well as the Last Supper, taken more review quizzes than ever imagined, had great Bibles studies with Pastor Rich & Bonnie McGrath, and ended every class with various forms of prayer. On Sun. May 5 the class will officially join Central Congregational Church as they’re confirmed. Please come to celebrate their faith commitments! This year’s class:

Madeline Frenette, Sam Hargett, Emma Hartigan, Ella Morin, Alek Rudewicz,