CCC Capital Campaign


Campaign Overview

CCC is undergoing a Capital Campaign to raise funds to address projects and improvements to our facilities as prioritized by the congregation.

Fundraising Update

As of December 18, 2022, we have received $325,112 in pledges and gifts for the Capital Campaign.

Considering Your Pledge

Your Pledge is important, no matter the amount. The Capital Campaign is a 3-year campaign and donations can be given over time.

The chart below illustrates how different pledge amounts can be fulfilled over the 3-year campaign.


During the May 2022 Annual Meeting of the church, a motion was unanimously passed to conduct a Capital Campaign with the goal of raising $300,000. A second motion was passed to have the CCC Council form a Capital Campaign Fundraising Committee.

The Council has approved the following people to serve on that committee:

  • John Carson
  • Marcia Cassidy
  • Lynn Horton
  • John Lamplough
  • Sandy Lamplough
  • Dick Papenfuss
  • Derek Sorenson
  • Pastor Rich Knight

The committee has begun organizing to mount the Capital Fundraising Campaign in the fall of 2022. Dick Papenfuss is the Chair of the committee and Sandy Lamplough is the Secretary.

Work is underway to establish a timeline, theme, and the mechanics for conducting the fundraising campaign.

If you have any questions about the Capital Fundraising Campaign, feel free to reach out to any of the committee members.

Dick Papenfuss

Important Links

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