CCC Capital Campaign 2022

Campaign Overview

CCC is undergoing a Capital Campaign to raise funds to address projects and improvements to our facilities as prioritized by the congregation.

The Campaign will be undertaken in three phases, each led by a separate committee:

  1. The Needs Assessment Committee will identify desired church projects, through our own brainstorming and by collecting input from church committees and individual parishioners. We will get budget estimates for potential projects and determine how to organize and prioritize the potential projects. We will narrow the list and make a recommendation of the chosen projects and the associated cost that will be the fundraising goal.
  2. Next, a second committee will determine how the Capital Campaign is going to be run. They will seek committed pledges from parishioners. This phase has previously included hiring an outside consultant to serve as advisor.
  3. The third committee leads the final stage which is running the actual campaign.

The entire process may take up to two years.

Current Phase - Needs Assessment

The Capital Campaign Needs Assessment Committee has been busy adding to our list of possible projects and would like to hear your suggestions for, and reactions to, project ideas.

Based on input collected so far, we have identified the following categories of projects:

Project Ideas Under Consideration:

  • Sanctuary and chancel: paint; carpet; reconfiguration for space, lighting, sound and technology
  • Kitchen: bring facilities up to code (exhaust system, grease trap/s, floor and counter tops)
  • Fellowship Hall: refresh (floor, paint, storage, room & stage curtains, announcement streaming)
  • 9 Worthen: mold abatement and usage upgrades
  • Green church: electrify; heat pump; permeable parking lot; electric charging station
  • Church exterior and grounds: electricity & sprinklers North Rd. entrance; handicap access for Worthen St. entrance


Please refer to the linked Capital Campaign Proposed Project List below for a full list of the ideas collected along with supporting information.

Events - Next all-church input sessions for Capital Campaign

Purpose: to review current, best available cost estimates and to get input on project area priorities together with which items under each have the most support to undertake


March 16 - Capital Campaign Congregational Meeting on Zoom, 7:30 pm

March 27 - Capital Campaign face to face Congregational Meeting following Worship

May 15 - Annual Meeting - to discuss and vote yes or no on the following motion: to launch a Capital Campaign, starting in the Fall of 2022 with the goal of funding significant improvements to the church

If yes, then votes will be taken to:

  1. Approve the members of the committee who will run the Capital Campaign
  2. Approve the project priority areas and the items to be included under each area and their cost based on the best available estimates
  3. Approve the Capital Campaign’s total fundraising goal
  4. Earmark the additional funding sources to be used to complete the approved project list
  5. Designate the authority that will establish the timeline and start date for the approved projects

Links to Campaign Resources

 Capital Campaign Proposed Projects List  

 Capital Campaign Annual Meeting Information Sheet  

Needs Assessment Committee Members

Christine Williams, Chair (Trustees)
Mary Horne, Secretary (House)
Lynn Horton (Council)
Rev. Dr. Rich Knight, Pastor
Peter Morin (Diaconate)
Dick Papenfuss (Treasurer)
Alan Wisniewski (Trustees)

The Needs Assessment Committee began meeting regularly in the summer of 2021.


Use the Comment Form below to provide feedback to the Committee. Thank you.

Comment Form

Describe any projects you believe the church should undertake. No idea is too big or too small.
Of the projects you are also aware of, what would you consider High Priority?
Of the projects you are also aware of, what would you consider Low Priority?
Please share any other feedback you may have!